NewsAmerica at a crossroads. Low approval for Biden and Trump as elections loom

America at a crossroads. Low approval for Biden and Trump as elections loom

America at a crossroads. Low approval for Biden and Trump as elections loom
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11:55 AM EST, November 6, 2023

With a year remaining until the US presidential elections, voters' ratings are disappointingly low for potential Democratic and Republican candidates. Only one-third of Americans hold a positive opinion about Joe Biden, while less than 30 percent feel the same about Donald Trump.

Additionally, as the recent survey by ABC News and Ipsos elucidated, three-fourths of Americans (76 percent) are of the opinion that their country is on the wrong path. A mere 23 percent of respondents hold a contrasting viewpoint.

The survey results revealed that a significant proportion of Americans are not in favor of the likely candidates for the forthcoming presidential elections. They would rather cast their vote for a different politician than Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

For Donald Trump, 31 percent of voters would prefer another Republican candidate. Meanwhile, in the case of the incumbent president representing the Democratic Party - Joe Biden - the percentage drops slightly to 25 percent.

What Matters Most to Americans: "It's the Economy, Stupid!"

When ABC News asked about the most critical issues to Americans, the economy came out on top with 74 percent of respondents giving it the highest priority. Nearly as many consider inflation as a key concern, with 69 percent of those surveyed citing it.

Nearly two-thirds of the respondents indicated healthcare as a primary concern, closely followed by education, with a mention from 61 percent of the survey participants.

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