NewsAMBER Alert: 5-year-old boy possibly injured, taken by foster mother

AMBER Alert: 5‑year-old boy possibly injured, taken by foster mother

AMBER Alert: 5-year-old boy possibly injured, taken by foster mother
Images source: © Columbus Division of Police | Columbus Division of Police
7:38 AM EST, February 16, 2024

An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday for the child, Darnell Taylor, who is believed to have been taken by Pammy Maye, 48 - reports police.

The foster mother, suspected of abducting a five-year-old boy, allegedly made remarks to her husband that convinced him the child could be at risk. Authorities indicate they suspect Darnell Taylor was abducted by Pammy Maye, whose comments to her husband suggested the boy might have been harmed, leading to his disappearance. The search is ongoing, with police locating Maye's vehicle, a gray 2015 Jeep Cherokee, in the vicinity of Cleveland.

A disturbing recording of the 911 call was broadcast at a news conference on Thursday. In it, a man seems to indicate his wife confessed "that she killed our foster child," although the audio is somewhat indistinct. "As you heard from the portion of the 911 call that you heard, we have a reason, significant reason, to believe that Darnell could be in danger," stated Columbus Police Chief Elaine Bryant.

The boy is believed to have been wearing Spider-Man pajamas and white boots, police said. "Pammy, if you’re watching this, could you please reach out and contact us," Bryant said. "We need to know that Darnell is safe."

Columbus police provide update on missing 5-year-old boy, woman at center of AMBER Alert

This is the 13th AMBER alert since the beginning of the month.

Source: NBC News, AMBER Alert (X)

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