HealthAlmonds vs fries: surprising study reveals weight impact of these high-calorie snacks

Almonds vs fries: surprising study reveals weight impact of these high-calorie snacks

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8:41 AM EST, January 10, 2024

Doctors and nutrition experts have long warned against the frequent consumption of deep-fried potatoes, arguing that they adversely affect our health. Fries prepared this way are laden with fat, provide us with a significant amount of empty calories, and contain few health-promoting elements.

On the other hand, almonds are a good source of valuable vitamins from the B group as well as vitamin A and E. American scientists have decided to compare these two snack items. For this purpose, they conducted a study that lasted 30 days and involved 180 30-year-olds divided into three groups, with two-thirds of the participants being women.

The first group of participants was given french fries, the second group received french fries with the addition of herbs, and the third group's diet consisted of lightly roasted and salted almonds. Prior to the experiment, no significant differences were noted among the participants regarding blood glucose level and body weight. However, at the end of the study, those who ate fries daily were found to have gained nearly 1.1 pounds, while those consuming almonds had a weight gain of only 0.22 pounds.

According to the leader of the study, Dr. David Allison from the Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington, each person should attentively monitor their body and ensure it receives the necessary nutrients. Despite both almonds and french fries containing nutritional elements, the scientist emphasized the importance of moderation and sensible consumption, as is the case with any other food product.

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