EntertainmentAlina Kabaeva, Putin's ex-mistress, rumored to be in love with personal bodyguard, says General SVR

Alina Kabaeva, Putin's ex‑mistress, rumored to be in love with personal bodyguard, says General SVR

The life of Russian elites. Putin's mistress is involved with someone else.
The life of Russian elites. Putin's mistress is involved with someone else.
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3:37 AM EST, February 19, 2024

The love lives of the elite maintain a perennial interest among the general public. This is no different in Russia, where everything is often mysterious. Speculation and rumours regarding Putin's love life have remained rife for years.

We reported a few days ago about the purported new love interest of the Russian leader. Putin was rumored to be smitten with "London-educated Barbie", Ekaterina Mizulina, a well-known internet censor and informer, who allegedly won his heart some time ago.

Now, the enigmatic social media account General SVR shares that his former mistress is also putting her life back together. Reportedly, Alina Kabaeva is in love, her affection aimed towards her personal bodyguard.

Media reports suggest that Putin and Kabaeva have been involved as early as 2007. The former Olympic gymnastics champion is rumored to have birthed two, three, or perhaps even four of Putin's children, depending on the sources. All signs seem to point to this relationship as water under the bridge.

It's believed that the moderators of General SVR are former agents of Russian services. They have intrigued over 430,000 internet users on Telegram, while their English-language profile has an audience of over 15,000 Twitter users. The platform's creators regularly provide revelations straight from the Kremlin.

Currently, this popular Russian Internet profile reports that Kabaeva, left by Putin, has warmed up to one of her bodyguards. The woman is restructuring her life anew.

The life of Alina Kabaeva, the renowned former gymnast and ex-mistress of Russian President Vladimir #Putin, has seen improvement. She was permitted to engage in a relationship with an officer from the Federal Protection Service, who displayed affection for her, which she reciprocated. Now, Alina has visibly flourished - we glean from the post of General SVR on platform X.
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