EntertainmentAlien Nation and Star Trek actor Gary Graham dies at 73, leaving pop culture in mourning

Alien Nation and Star Trek actor Gary Graham dies at 73, leaving pop culture in mourning

Gary Graham gained the most fame from his role in the series "Star Trek".
Gary Graham gained the most fame from his role in the series "Star Trek".
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8:39 PM EST, January 23, 2024

His former wife and fellow actress, Susan Lavelle, shared the sad news on Facebook. "It's with profound sorrow that I announce the passing of my ex-husband, Gary Graham, an accomplished actor and the father of our beautiful only child, Haylee Graham. His wife, Becky, was by his side. We're completely shattered, particularly our daughter Haley," wrote Lavelle.

Although Lavelle didn’t elaborate on the cause of her ex's death, she reminisced about some of the moments they shared. "I met Gary at 20, when he was part of a star duo in the series 'Alien Nation'. He'd previously starred in movies such as 'All the Right Moves' alongside Tom Cruise," Lavelle recollected, lighting up the depths of her grief with these cherished memories.

"Gary was known for his humor, sarcasm, and compassion. He fiercely advocated for his convictions, a devout Christian, and took extreme pride in his daughter, Haylee. His passing was unexpected. Therefore, I request your prayers for our daughter as she grapples with this indescribable loss," requested Lavelle. The post included several photographs taken with her late ex-husband.

Career Highlights of Gary Graham

The late Gary Graham's filmography is truly noteworthy. However, two series gave him the most acclaim: "Alien Nation" from the 90s, and of course, the iconic "Star Trek". "Alien Nation" included a series broadcast from 1989–1990, as well as several spin-off films such as "Dark Horizon", "Body and Soul", "Enemy Among Us", "Millennium", and "People of Udara".

Graham joined the Star Trek universe in 2001 as Ambassador of Vulcan Soval in "Star Trek: Enterprise". In 1995, he had already appeared as a different character in "Star Trek: Voyager". In 2007, Graham portrayed Ragnarem in "Star Trek: Of Gods and Men", a role he reprised in 2015 in "Star Trek: Renegades". His last work was in Tim Vuorensola's 2022 horror film "Eaters. Rebirth".

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