LifestyleAlexis from 'Dynasty' shares a new photo. What does she look like now?

Alexis from 'Dynasty' shares a new photo. What does she look like now?

Joan Collins showed off a new photo.
Joan Collins showed off a new photo.
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8:21 AM EST, December 5, 2023

Recently celebrating her 90th birthday, Joan Collins shows no signs of slowing down. In addition to publishing a new book, she actively engages with her robust Instagram following, where she shared her latest photo.

Collins' role in "Dynasty" provided her with remarkable fame and exceptional wealth. The actress’s vibrant private life, encompassing five husbands and innumerable relationships, continues to make global headlines. She recently posted a photo that delighted her fan base.

A glimpse at Joan Collins at 90

Joan Collins has generated an enthusiastic Instagram following of over 400,000 users, keen to watch her life unfold and hear about her upcoming projects.

While she hasn't appeared in films or series for several years, Collins frequently participates in industry events and conducts interviews. She occasionally partakes in professional photoshoots and shares the resulting snapshots online.

Interestingly, a recent photo she posted on Instagram showcased her uncanny resemblance to her character, Alexis from "Dynasty", delighting many fans. Dressed in a shiny, black jacket lavishly decorated with satin bows and a matching skirt, Collins exuded elegance. Additionally, her diamond rose-shaped brooch, matching earrings, and black ensemble — complete with open-heel pumps and leather gloves, were not to be overlooked.

Delving deeper: Joan Collins unveils her secrets

Joan Collins understands the intrigue her personal life generates, not limiting to her five marriages but extending to her numerous romantic relationships, which purportedly include Paul Newman and Marlon Brando.

This prompted the actress to pen an autobiography, unveiling unknown aspects of her life. In her autobiography, Collins revisits her early career and delves into her personal relationships. She even mentions interactions with the late Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana.

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