NewsAlexey Navalny cause of death under scrutiny

Alexey Navalny cause of death under scrutiny

Nawalny's death. "They can do anything, even forge an autopsy report."
Nawalny's death. "They can do anything, even forge an autopsy report."
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2:07 PM EST, February 16, 2024

Alexandr Polupan is a Russian doctor who, in 2020, in coalition with other medical experts, evaluated Navalny's health after his poisoning, which led to his transport, in an unconscious state, to a hospital in Omsk. He was one of the signatories of a letter mailed to Putin last January demanding "the realization of Navalny's right to full medical care and the adherence of the articles of the Russian Federation Constitution".

"We did not have exclusive information about Navalny's condition - neither did the team. I communicated with Alexey's relatives only during instances when his health was significantly deteriorating. However, to my knowledge, similar events have not occurred recently," informed Polupan during a discussion with journalists from the Russian independent service, Meduza.

He stated that it was evident that Navalny's overall health condition was poor, as would be any individual confined in such circumstances. "Yet, for some reason, a natural cause of death seems implausible to me," stated the physician.

Honest autopsy

"Propaganda writers immediately began composing narratives about a detached clot, which cannot be substantiated without an autopsy. They could have mentioned 'sudden cardiac arrest', but a thromboembolic disease (artery blockage due to a blood clot) can only be identified via an autopsy. There are no other methods," Polupan pointed out.

The doctor confirmed that Navalny was not in the risk group for thromboembolic disease. He did not show signs of lower limb vein diseases, thrombophilia, or thrombosis. "Most blood clots usually reach the pulmonary arteries from the lower limbs and pelvis veins. Thus, risk factors include leg problems, such as extended immobilization post fractures or cancerous progressions in the pelvic organs. Such was not the case with Alexey. He also did not suffer from atrial fibrillation," he further elaborated.

"If an honest autopsy is conducted, the blood clot should be visible. Establishing a diagnosis of thromboembolic disease without locating a distinct blood clot is impossible," Polupan stated while talking to the Meduza service in response to whether the blood clot information supplied by the media can substantiate the suspicion of authorities trying to cover up a murder.

"He further admitted that any scenario is possible, including a falsified autopsy protocol. And that nobody is in a position to verify," admitted Alexandr Polupan.


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