NewsAlex Batty's six-year ordeal: The hunt for his elusive abductors

Alex Batty's six‑year ordeal: The hunt for his elusive abductors

Alex disappeared 6 years ago.
Alex disappeared 6 years ago.
Images source: © Greater Manchester Police

10:37 AM EST, December 16, 2023

Local media reports indicate that British police flew to France on the trail of Alex Batty's mother and grandfather. The teenager, who was found after six years, is expected to return to his home country in the coming days, when his grandmother is eagerly waiting for him. His grandmother, Susan Caruana, 68, has spoken to Alex and confirmed his identity.

Police pursue Alex Batty's missing family

The police are in pursuit of Alex's mother, Melanie, and his father, David, in the Ariege region of France. According to Alex, they were living there as part of a "spiritual community".

A press conference was convened regarding Alex's discovery. Deputy Commander Chris Sykes from the Greater Manchester Police requested respect for the family's privacy. He also stated that he currently has limited information about the ongoing investigation.

In a media interview, Susan Caruana admitted that her daughter has always been a source of concern. She revealed that Melanie was quite reckless in her teenage years, often drinking and partying. Despite completing her legal studies, Melanie's lifestyle and temperament made it hard for her to retain any job.

In 2006, Alex was born, but Melanie showed no intention to raise him. Susan was granted custody and Melanie had visitation rights under strictly defined conditions.

In September 2017, Melanie took Alex on a vacation to Spain. She assured Susan that their trip would only last a week. David, Susan’s husband and Alex's grandfather, joined them.

The trio were supposed to return to Great Britain on October 8, 2017. When they stopped communicating, Susan reported the case to the police. Sadly, the subsequent search for the teenager and his abductors over several years was futile.

A major breakthrough came in the case on December 14, 2023. According to French prosecutors, Alex Batty was discovered in the city of Revel in the region of Occitania. The teenager approached a 26-year-old student and requested a ride, during which he shared his entire life story.

Alex had ended up in a remote nomadic commune. Initially, he stayed in Spain and then moved to France. He decided to escape because he missed his grandmother and learned of his mother’s plan to take him to Finland soon.

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