NewsAlaska's dark tale: 99 years for woman behind deceptive murder-for-hire plot

Alaska's dark tale: 99 years for woman behind deceptive murder-for-hire plot

Alaska's dark tale: 99 years for woman behind deceptive murder-for-hire plot
Images source: © Departament of Law Alaska
9:52 AM EST, February 16, 2024

Earlier this week, 23-year-old Brehmer was handed a 99-year prison sentence for her role in masterminding the murder of a developmentally disabled woman as part of a murder-for-hire scheme. According to the Department of Law Alaska, she aimed to profit from a supposed $9 million promise made by a man from the Midwest, who falsely claimed to be a millionaire.

Classified as a "worst offender"

The sentencing of Brehmer took place across three days in January and February 2024. During the sentencing, both the State and Brehmer submitted evidence. The court had the authority to impose a sentence of active imprisonment ranging from 30 to 99 years on Brehmer. The State sought a 99-year sentence without suspension and requested Brehmer be classified as a "worst offender." Conversely, Brehmer advocated for an 80-year sentence with 20 years suspended.

- The Court should find that Miss Brehmer engaged in one of the most serious crimes that we have in Alaska (...) She executed Cynthia Hoffman in a murder-for-hire plot. She conspired with numerous other individuals in and outside of Alaska, including juveniles, forever altering everybody’s life. She may not have pulled the trigger, but this never would have happened it if it weren’t for Denali Brehmer - said Patrick McKay, the Anchorage assistant district attorney.

Justification of the judgment: "Conduct was cold, and calculated"

In his reasons for the judgment, Judge Peterson called the murder of Cynthia Hoffman a premeditated murder-for-hire that was "tragic and senseless." "Conduct was cold and calculated."‘ Judge Peterson also described watching a video of Cynthia Hoffman’s last moments, where she was observed duct taped on the ground at Thunderbird Falls. - It is one of the most challenging pieces of evidence I’ve had to watch in this position.

He observed that Brehmer displayed no regret following the murder and proceeded to participate in additional illegal activities. Furthermore, the court voiced its aspiration that the sentencing would serve as a deterrent to others.

Source: Departament of Law Alaska, The New York Times

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