NewsAlarming reports from Germany. "Hatred towards Jews"

Alarming reports from Germany. "Hatred towards Jews"

Demonstrations in Germany
Demonstrations in Germany
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9:47 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

Jews living in Germany are experiencing increasing tension and hostility in the school environment. The Central Council of Jews in Germany even speaks of hatred and strong anti-Israeli sentiments.

The Central Council of Jews in Germany has expressed their concern about this situation, especially in the context of growing support for the terrorist actions of Hamas in Israel. The Council notes that this trend reveals a new, disturbing level of anti-Semitism in German schools, which they find shocking.

The spokesman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, in a conversation with the dpa agency, admitted that open anti-Semitism in German schools is not new to them. This problem, as he stated, is unfortunately well known and has been present for some time.

However, what particularly worries the Council is the growing support for Hamas's brutal actions in Israel. The spokesperson emphasized that this trend reveals a new dimension of hatred towards Jews in German schools, which is shocking for them.

Anti-Israeli sentiments

The Spokesperson for the Central Council of Jews also referred to various initiatives aimed at combating anti-Semitism in schools. In the past, the Central Council of Jews' project titled "Meet a Jew", which involves organizing meetings of Jewish volunteers with non-Jewish students in numerous schools in Germany, rarely encountered anti-Semitic hostility. The Spokesperson noted that particularly Muslim students often returned home with a new understanding and awareness of many similarities between their faith and Judaism.

However, the spokesperson expressed his disappointment that this week's meeting in Lower Saxony had to be canceled by the school. The reason was very strong anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish sentiments among students that could lead to riots. The spokesperson emphasized that this is particularly disheartening.

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