NewsAlarm in the North Sea: Russian presence detected

Alarm in the North Sea: Russian presence detected

They escorted Russian ships / Illustrative photo.
They escorted Russian ships / Illustrative photo.
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5:21 AM EST, December 10, 2023

The Dutch navy escorted three Russian ships through the North Sea this Saturday, according to a report from the Dutch Ministry of Defense. The fleet of Russian ships involved a frigate, a submarine, and a tugboat.

In a statement, the Dutch Ministry of Defense announced that the Russian fleet had ventured into the Dutch exclusive economic zone in the North Sea. The Ministry of Defense suggested that these ships were likely making their way towards the Mediterranean Sea.

The international law affirms that Russian vessels have full rights to navigate this region of the North Sea. Nonetheless, they found themselves under the watchful eye of Dutch navy units. The Ministry of Defense explained this action as a means "to emphasize vigilance".

Earlier in March this year, the Dutch navy fulfilled a similar duty, escorting a separate group of Russian ships across the North Sea. In 2022, there was an instance when a Russian unit was turned away. As per the Military Intelligence Service MIVD, a potential act of sabotage was successfully foiled at the time.

A recent alarm was raised by the Dutch special services, noting that Russian vessels have been charting internet cables, gas pipelines, and wind farms just off the Netherlands coastline. Such activities could potentially signify the initial stages of a plan to sabotage the nation's energy infrastructure.

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