NewsAirport shuts, Tsunami alert issued after volcanic eruption on Ruang Island, Indonesia

Airport shuts, Tsunami alert issued after volcanic eruption on Ruang Island, Indonesia

Volcano eruption Ruang
Volcano eruption Ruang
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7:17 AM EDT, April 18, 2024, updated: 7:58 AM EDT, April 18, 2024

An eruption occurred on the Indonesian island of Ruang, prompting authorities to issue warnings for earthquakes and tsunamis. The airport in the city of Manado has been closed as a precaution.

Disturbing news emerged from the Indonesian island of Ruang, situated in the Celebes province in the northern part of the country. On Wednesday, April 17th, the volcano sharing the island's name erupted, with experts predicting further lava flows.

Airport closure

The island's alert level has been elevated to its highest status. On Thursday, April 18th, the Indonesian Ministry of Transport declared the international airport in Manado would stay shut until midnight. Located approximately 62 miles from the Ruang volcano, this airport has witnessed at least five eruptions since Tuesday.

Reuters reports that flights from this airport in the North Sulawesi/Celebes province, offering routes to China, South Korea, and Singapore, risk being disrupted by the rapidly spreading volcanic ash.

The Challenge in Indonesia

The Associated Press reported that a tsunami warning has been issued, prompted by concerns that the volcanic eruption could lead to a sudden collapse of rocks into the ocean. Consequently, 11,000 residents from the most vulnerable areas have been evacuated. "The potential for further eruptions remains high, demanding our constant vigilance," said Heruningtyas Desi Purnamasari from the National Volcanic Agency.

Social media platforms are flooded with videos and photos displaying the fiery spectacle of red lava columns, billowing clouds of smoke and ash, and incandescent rocks.

With over 270 million inhabitants, Indonesia has 120 active volcanoes. The nation lies on the Pacific Ring of Fire, a hotspot of high seismic activity along the junctions of tectonic plates, forming an arc that spans about 24,855 miles.

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