LifestyleAir travel warning: Flight attendant reveals when not to board

Air travel warning: Flight attendant reveals when not to board

When to cancel a flight?
When to cancel a flight?
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8:52 PM EDT, May 17, 2024

Traveling by airplane is very popular and allows us to visit distant corners of the world. However, there are certain circumstances in which we should forgo it. A flight attendant explained in which situations to avoid boarding. It's about our health and well-being.

We often travel by plane to reach the places we want to visit. However, there are situations when it is better to avoid this mode of transport.

Through social media, a flight attendant listed circumstances in which it is better not to board in order not to risk your health.

Kasia, works as a flight attendant and runs an Instagram profile named flyingwithkasia. She explains what her job entails and reveals industry secrets. She also gives various tips regarding air travel and answers questions from people who are planning to board a plane for the first time.

When is it better not to fly?

In one of her videos, she explained when it is better not to board. “There are situations in which it is better to cancel a planned flight or reschedule it for another time,” the flight attendant advises.

Examples of such situations include:

  • toothache
  • earache/blocked ear
  • cold/stuffy nose
  • diving (below 33 feet: wait 24h, above 33 feet: 48h)
  • donating blood – 24h
  • anesthesia – 24h
  • narcosis – 48h

"I once boarded a plane with a stuffy nose from sinusitis. I've never felt such ear pain in my life, and then I had hearing loss for about a week."

I flew with a stuffy nose. I thought I wouldn't land alive and that my head would explode. And a friend, after diving, still has labyrinthitis, so it's good that you remind people about this.

"I boarded with a toothache. During the flight, I thought my head would explode. When we landed, it took me a good few hours to feel better," wrote internet users.

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