NewsAir travel shocks: Two British Airways crew members tragically die within a week

Air travel shocks: Two British Airways crew members tragically die within a week

British Airways airplane
British Airways airplane
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5:57 AM EST, January 4, 2024

According to the British newspaper, "The Sun", a 52-year-old steward died on New Year's Eve while onboard an idle aircraft waiting to depart from a London airport. The flight was bound for Hong Kong.

The passengers had already boarded, and the aircraft doors were secured. The pilot was in the process of seeking permission to taxi to the runway. Suddenly, a crew member collapsed in the aisle. The captain promptly called for medical help. A passenger trained in first aid began to administer life-saving procedures immediately - as "The Sun" reported.

An ambulance arrived at the scene swiftly, accompanied by police officers. Despite the persistent resuscitation efforts, the 52-year-old steward tragically could not be saved. The passengers then had to contend with the unfortunate news that their New Year's Eve flight was canceled due to a "medical emergency". Arrangements were made for the passengers to be placed on a different flight the following day.

This was, sadly, the second sudden death of a British Airways crew member in recent weeks. On December 23rd, another 52-year-old steward passed away. Alarm bells rang amongst his colleagues when he failed to attend his pre-flight briefing. The steward was later discovered deceased in his hotel room in Newark, New Jersey, United States, during a stopover.

A British Airways source, talking with the British newspaper "The Sun", shared the crew's disbelief: "The crew is in shock. These were two individuals who appeared to be in good health and who suddenly died. No serious health issues were reported." The source further highlighted the close-knit nature of the crew, akin to a family. The unexpected deaths rocked the personnel of British Airways deeply, making for a traumatic holiday period: "Everyone is deeply saddened," the source added.

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