TechAI to create dialogues and storylines in games with Microsoft leading the charge

AI to create dialogues and storylines in games with Microsoft leading the charge

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7:06 PM EST, November 7, 2023

Microsoft has embarked on a long-term collaboration with Inworld, a renowned company. The alliance's primary goal is to invent an advanced AI tool that would aid Xbox game creators.

For many, artificial intelligence has seamlessly merged into our day-to-day life. Most internet users have, by default, heard about tools like Chat GPT. Numerous industries are currently analyzing methods to utilize similar technologies to enhance the quality and value of their work.

Standing as no exception is the gaming industry. Microsoft, a leading figure in the tech industry, has joined the effort to build an unique AI tool, specifically designed to hasten the game creation process. To achieve this, the corporation has entered into a prolonged cooperation with Inworld.

AI to handle plot, tasks, and dialogues in game creation

These tools will empower game creators to generate dialogue trees, craft stories, and design tasks. Further, they will facilitate the integration of the AI character engine with the game client. Consequently, players can participate in dynamically generated stories, dialogues, and tasks.

It's noteworthy that Microsoft isn't the sole corporation identifying the potential of AI in future projects. Other companies like Ubisoft are also venturing into developing their own AI tools, one of which is "Ghostwriter".

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