EntertainmentAI reveals the Kardashians' looks without cosmetic enhancements

AI reveals the Kardashians' looks without cosmetic enhancements

The Kardashians dazzle during every outing together. To a large extent, this is due to plastic surgeons.
The Kardashians dazzle during every outing together. To a large extent, this is due to plastic surgeons.
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Kamil Kozłowski

7:02 AM EST, November 30, 2023

The Kardashian family has taken the American entertainment industry by storm. Kris Jenner and her daughters have extensively engaged in plastic surgery, thus significantly deviating from their original looks. With artificial intelligence, we simulate and visualize the clan's appearance without any beauty enhancements.

Artificial intelligence is being rapidly adopted in our daily lives. Its dynamic growth allows it to undertake an array of human tasks and even surpass our abilities in certain aspects such as generating detailed photos based on a few provided pictures. An instance of this was the render of a matured Princess Charlotte.

Internet creators from Australia operating under the pseudonym Vandahood Live have utilized modern technology to focus on the Kardashians. They released a TikTok video illustrating what the world's most famous celebrities would appear like without any cosmetic procedures.

Kardashians Known for Frequently Altering Their Appearance

The stars of the reality show now airing on the Disney+ platform frequently face accusations of setting unrealistic beauty standards. Such criticisms primarily originate from young women who develop insecurities after comparing themselves to the Kardashians. Over the years, a clear evolution in their appearances is noticeable. The family also regularly uses professional photo editing software before posting pictures on Instagram.

The eldest sister, Kourtney Kardashian, has publicly admitted undergoing rejuvenation procedures including mesotherapy with blood plasma. She also confirmed getting breast implants at 21.

It's plausible that Kylie Jenner has followed a similar path. She began experimenting with aesthetic medicine procedures as early as 15, admitting to systematically enlarging her lips.

One of the most dramatic transformations is seen in Khloé Kardashian. The most striking change is her reshaped nose and the noticeable loss of several dozens of pounds accentuated by chin lipolysis, a procedure that reduces localized fat tissue.

At 68, Kris Jenner has spent considerable money on plastic surgeries. She publicly admitted to breast surgery carried out in the '80s alongside a neck lift. Additionally, she regularly uses fillers and laser therapy, while maintaining that she has never had a nose job.

Remarkably, Kim Kardashian has been relatively tight-lipped about her cosmetic procedures. The biggest star of the celebrity family has openly discussed only botox injections and a few other non-invasive treatments.

Netizens Surprised At The Unaltered Kardashians

The video posted on TikTok quickly gained popularity. The creators claim to have used three different AI programs and two standard graphic programs to simulate the Kardashians' natural appearances. The outcome of their intense labor generated diverse reactions among the platform's users.

Many viewers questioned the accuracy of the artificial intelligence predictions, suggesting that they relied heavily on differences in makeup.

"Kim just has less makeup; Kim and Kourtney look similar, just with different makeup; It's just superimposing old pictures on their faces. The same look, just without makeup," netizens observed.

Several commenters also noted that the results seemed less like the work of artificial intelligence and more like the natural effects of ageing.

"AI? This is basically their faces from 2007 copied and pasted; This is not artificial intelligence, lol. These are just their old photos; I think your face naturally changes with age," users evaluated.

Which image do you prefer?

"Photos of the Kardashians generated by AI"
"Photos of the Kardashians generated by AI"© TikTok
"AI-generated photos of the Kardashians"
"AI-generated photos of the Kardashians"© TikTok
AI-generated photos of the Kardashians
AI-generated photos of the Kardashians© TikTok
The Kardashians in 2015.
The Kardashians in 2015.© Getty Images | Steve Granitz
The Kardashians in 2009.
The Kardashians in 2009.© Getty Images
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