TechAI-powered speed cameras spark safety boost, privacy worries

AI‑powered speed cameras spark safety boost, privacy worries

New speed cameras are supposed to have greater capabilities
New speed cameras are supposed to have greater capabilities
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12:41 PM EDT, May 27, 2024

Artificial intelligence has found another application—this time in speed cameras. The creators of this solution aim to improve road safety, but drivers are expressing privacy concerns.

Speed cameras have long played a significant role in increasing road safety, effectively reducing vehicle speeds and decreasing the number of accidents. Modern models of these devices use advanced technologies to monitor traffic more effectively and enforce regulations.

Recently, Poland introduced modern models like the Mesta Fusion RN, and the Chief Inspectorate of Road Transport (GITD) plans to add mobile Vitronic devices to the network of speed cameras. In the United Kingdom, however, such devices have been used for many years and are now supported by artificial intelligence.

AI-enhanced speed cameras

By the end of 2023, advanced AI-assisted speed cameras were installed on major roads in the United Kingdom to improve the identification of drivers violating traffic laws.

These devices use modern technologies to identify drivers' traffic law violations. The captured data is then processed and forwarded to the police, enabling them to take appropriate action.

Law enforcement officials have expressed confidence that the upgraded cameras will make it easier to record violations and allow for more efficient handling of cases. Additionally, the new technology enables penalties for other infractions, such as using a phone while driving or not wearing a seat belt.

Driver concerns, but the technology is effective

The website was surveyed to gauge drivers' attitudes toward the new technology. Many drivers expressed concerns that such devices could infringe on their privacy.

Louise Thomas, a motoring expert at, shared survey results indicating that nearly half (48%) of drivers in the United Kingdom believe that AI-assisted speed cameras will increase road safety. At the same time, one-fifth (21%) of respondents see them as a privacy violation. Despite some reservations, the majority recognize the benefits of these devices, as they can help combat reckless driving.

Modern AI-assisted speed cameras have the potential to significantly improve road safety, but it is important that their implementation considers drivers' privacy concerns. This way, a balance can be achieved between the technology's effectiveness and the protection of citizens' rights.

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