Tips&TricksAging gracefully: Nail colors to avoid and choose after turning 50

Aging gracefully: Nail colors to avoid and choose after turning 50

What colors to avoid after fifty?
What colors to avoid after fifty?
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7:57 AM EST, February 4, 2024

Considered the primary structural protein, collagen contributes to a third of all proteins present in the human body. It is behind the firmness, smoothness, and hydration of our skin. However, one begins to lose collagen after the age of 25, thereby leading to the early signs of aging.

The skin on our hands tends to age remarkably quickly. This results in the emergence of discolorations and fine wrinkles, which with time, evolve into grooves. An incorrect selection of manicure can further highlight these signs of aging. What nail colors should be avoided, especially after turning 50? Here's the explanation.

Nail colors that make you look older - what to avoid

The options for nail styling have exponentially expanded in recent times — from French and ombre, to baby boomer and chrome nails. Never before has nail styling seen such progress. Unsurprisingly, several women are choosing to utilize the services of professional stylists. Ultimately, well-groomed nails are a hand's best accessory.

Exuberant styles might only be flattering on young, firm hands. Certain shades can outline discolorations, fine veins, or wrinkles more than others. These include pastels and neons. Yellow and orange varnishes might ruthlessly expose all discolorations, causing the skin to appear gray and sallow.

If you've noticed the appearance of small veins on your hands, it might be best to sidestep gray, blue and purple varnishes. Such colors can place undue emphasis on them. It would be prudent to likewise avoid all cold and pearly shades.

Choosing the perfect nail color - think classic

A nail’s color isn’t all there is to it. Well-groomed nails — just like hands — should be of primary importance. Begin the styling process by soaking your hands, followed by pushing and cutting the cuticles. File the nail plate into the desired shape, then move on to painting.

Confused on the choice of color? Opt for classic hues. Red, pink, beige, or milky nails can blend with any style. These are safe shades that won't emphasize wrinkles or discolorations. And remember the importance of regular hand moisturizing. Consider creams that contain hyaluronic acid or collagen, as these ingredients can restore softness, smoothness, firmness, and hydration to the skin.

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