Tips&TricksAge-defying TikToker at 82 reveals skin-care secrets. Cold water rinse and vitamin A

Age‑defying TikToker at 82 reveals skin-care secrets. Cold water rinse and vitamin A

Vera looks 20 years younger.
Vera looks 20 years younger.
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4:27 PM EST, December 12, 2023

The 82-year-old influencer Vera DiLeo is admired on TikTok. Not letting her age slow her down, she actively pursues her professional life and diverse passions.

DiLeo proudly embodies the belief that age is simply a number. She is indeed a perfect example of this ideology. Many TikTok users are incredulous that Vera is over 80, as she appears much younger. In a recent video, she disclosed the secret to her youthful visage.

Looking 20 years younger at 82

"Youth dwells in your heart, not on your face," says the TikTok influencer. Netizens marvel at the fact that even at 82, she looks as if she is nearing her sixties.

In a recent video, she unveiled her beauty ritual. DiLeo prides herself on her smooth, virtually flawless complexion. Although it may seem that she has undergone a facelift, she insists the key to her striking skin is thorough face cleansing.

Vera shared that she's been rinsing her face with cold water for as long as she can remember. She attests that this form of "skin hardening" contributes to her lack of wrinkles. Cold water enhances circulation and consequently, stimulates collagen production, which gives the skin its elasticity.

The cornerstone is care

DiLeo is an advocate for multi-step skincare. She cleanses her face with a mild moisturizing gel, then rinses it with cold water. After this "hardening" phase, she applies a hydrating toner to maintain the moisture. Lastly, She applies a concentrated hydrating serum with hyaluronic acid and tops it off with a moisturizing cream. Hyaluronic acid, penetrating deep skin layers, is her favorite ingredient for rendering the skin supple and hydrated.

An additional beauty secret of this youthful octogenarian is retinol. This Vitamin A derivative, often dubbed the "youth vitamin," considerably smooths, brightens, and tightens the skin, with consistent use. The influencer applies it all over her face, even under her eyes, around which it's hard to find any significant wrinkles.

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