LifestyleAge defiance secrets of Chinese couple: A child-free and vegetarian life makes them look decades younger

Age defiance secrets of Chinese couple: A child-free and vegetarian life makes them look decades younger

The couple met each other in childhood.
The couple met each other in childhood.
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6:17 PM EST, January 10, 2024

Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting emerged in prominence in the late 1980s. Songxian, born in 1961, earned fame for his leading role in the film "The Swordsman". Following the film's release, he found himself continuously swarmed by his admirers. Contrarily, Jingting used to be a well-known television presenter from Hong Kong. She ditched her media job to focus on acting and her deep-seated love for Lu. Both have known each other since childhood but kept their relationship a secret due to their status as distant cousins. Their love story unfolds with even more intriguing twists.

The Secret to Their Eternal Youth

Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting started dating in 1994 and took the marital plunge after 14 years. From the onset of their marriage, they concurred on leading a child-free life, mainly due to fear of the scrutiny of their close kinship. Interestingly, this decision has had a noticeable impact on their appearance, as minimizing everyday stress has helped both maintain a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.

Their perfect image also owes much to their dietary choices. For the past 25 years, Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting have lived a vegetarian lifestyle. The couple firmly believes their seemingly eternal youth is attributed to their meatless eating habit. Even as they reach their retirement age, they still hold the appearances of twenty-something-year-olds. The duo relish every bit of life - traveling, resting, and evading stress. Recently, fans found them at a Buddhist temple, where they learned that the celebrities had many regrets.

Do Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting Long for Parenthood?

Fans of these Chinese celebrities often wonder how the couple, despite appearing so youthful at 60, are leading their lives. Some fans speculate that the couple now regrets their decision not to have children. Songxian's philanthropic pursuits support this speculation, focused on aiding children in China's northwestern regions.

Helping those in need, especially younger ones, to access clean drinking water brings me immense fulfillment, he said to reporters.
This is what Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting look like now.
This is what Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting look like now.© Youtube

Fans recently ran into Lu Songxian and Mai Jingting as they visited sacred Buddhist sites. The celebrities were observed lighting incense and praying at a temple there. Post their visit, they interacted with the temple's clergy. This incident has sparked a wave of online discussions, with netizens speculating that the couple may have prayed for the possibility of having children.

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