EntertainmentAfter winning 'Squid Game: Challenge', Mai Whelan fights for her prize

After winning 'Squid Game: Challenge', Mai Whelan fights for her prize

The winner of "Squid Game: Challenge" still hasn't received her prize.
The winner of "Squid Game: Challenge" still hasn't received her prize.
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12:11 PM EST, December 9, 2023

Mai Whelan, a 55-year-old Vietnamese woman who won "Squid Game: Challenge", claims that she is yet to receive her promised prize of over $4.5 million, 10 months after filming the show.

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"Squid Game: Challenge" is a game show inspired by a similarly titled famous series. In the Netflix original, 456 participants battled for the top cash prize in game show history, amounting to exactly $4.56 million. The victor of this intense competition was none other than Mai Whelan.

Mai is an immigrant who escaped the communist regime in her homeland after the fall of Saigon. Her poignant story moved millions of viewers worldwide. In a nail-biting finale, the 55-year-old defeated 27-year-old diving instructor, Phill Cainempo in "Rock, Paper, Scissors".

"Squid Game: Challenge" winner yet to receive her prize

"Daily Mail" reports that Mai Whelan, the winner of "Squid Game: Challenge", has not seen a single penny of her cash reward. It's crucial to note that ten months have lapsed since the game show was filmed. The British newspaper's journalists approached Netflix representatives for comment, but they have yet to receive any response.

"I feel like Tom Cruise in 'Jerry Maguire'. Give me my deserved money!" said Whelan to "The Times", confirming she's still awaiting her prize.

Whelan plans to allocate a portion of her winnings for environmental protection and to aid the "Unbound" organization, which supports families. She also intends to secure a comfortable future for herself and her husband by investing in a residence at a senior living home.

"I will keep some of the money for myself, as I am old and planning to retire soon. This will ensure my husband and I have a decent lifestyle during our twilight years", she told a journalist from "PA Media".

Mai Whelan
Mai Whelan© Getty Images
Mai Whelan
Mai Whelan© Getty Images
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