NewsAfter 16 years, his soccer career ended. He'll try his best in the "18+ industry"

After 16 years, his soccer career ended. He'll try his best in the "18+ industry"

In the picture: Miguel Guerrero
In the picture: Miguel Guerrero
Images source: © Instagram | mguerrero231

7:56 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

He's already gotten bored with soccer. A few months ago, Miguel Guerrero broke up with the sport to fully dedicate himself to other activities. Which ones? The Spaniard wants to conquer... the adult industry.

Miguel Guerrero is one of those people who likes to live in the limelight. He has developed his social media profile, participated in the Spanish reality show "Temptation Island", and now wants to take the next step forward.

However, his first love was football. He spent as many as 16 years playing football and progressed through the ranks of youth teams of such clubs as Sevilla and Cordoba, but now he has found a more profitable occupation.

A few months ago, the goalkeeper ended his sports career to fully devote himself to creating "content for fans". Thanks to an account on a popular adult platform and the aforementioned reality show, he extended his reach, and now... he wants to try his hand in the adult industry.

It's a business where you can earn quite well - explained Miguel Guerrero, who informed his followers on Instagram that he has already released his first film.

The Spaniard in the video addressed to his fans repeatedly emphasized that his only motivation is money. The former athlete also bragged that he has a "very open mind" and is not ashamed of his new occupation.

Miguel Guerrero is 29 years old. During his soccer career, he played for teams such as Velez CF, Xerez, Ecija Balompie, and San Fernando CD.

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