TechAdvanced Polish M120 Rak mortar destroyed in Ukraine by Russian forces

Advanced Polish M120 Rak mortar destroyed in Ukraine by Russian forces

Polish self-propelled mortar M120 RAK destroyed in Ukraine by Russians.
Polish self-propelled mortar M120 RAK destroyed in Ukraine by Russians.
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2:11 PM EDT, March 25, 2024

In Ukraine, Russian forces have destroyed an instance of Poland's self-propelled M120 Rak mortar, which is mounted on the chassis of a KTO Rosomak transporter. Below you will find its technical specifications.

The first video showing the destroyed Polish M120 Rak mortar surfaced online, revealing extensive damage likely caused by a large-caliber artillery round or a "kamikaze" drone, triggering the onboard ammunition to explode.

Ukraine received 24 M120 RAK self-propelled mortars in April 2023. Photos of these vehicles on the frontline appeared by December 2023, indicating their deployment in the most challenging sectors, similar to the utilization of Krab howitzers.

The M120 RAK Self-Propelled Mortar — A World-Class Polish Innovation

Developed by the Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) facility, the M120 RAK self-propelled mortar is an advanced system based on the KTO Rosomak wheeled transporter's chassis, with a tracked chassis version known as the M120G Rak, also available from HSW.

A unique aspect of the Polish mortar is the modularity of its turret. This design enables the turret, along with the mortar, to serve as an independent module that can be mounted on different platforms, including vehicles, permanent defensive positions, or even ship decks. This approach is somewhat similar to the NEMO system utilized by Norway.

The core of the M120 Rak system is a 120 mm caliber mortar with a 25-caliber long barrel, complete with all necessary devices and communication systems. A crucial feature of these self-propelled mortars is their integration with the TOPAZ battlefield management system, enabling them to receive target information in real-time, such as from FlyEye drones, and to engage targets with minimal delay (only a few seconds).

The Rak mortar's firing rate, facilitated by its loading mechanism, reaches up to eight shots per minute, allowing it to exhaust its onboard supply of 46 rounds in just a few minutes. Additionally, the design is optimized to operate in environments monitored by artillery radars, where staying in one position too long can be fatal.

The M120 Rak can commence firing at targets within just 30 seconds of halting, and it can relocate merely 15 seconds after discharging its last round. Its operational range varies with the type of ammunition used, spanning from approximately 4.3 to 7.5 miles. Considered among the best in the Ukrainian army, the loss of each M120 Rak mortar is significantly felt.

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