EntertainmentAdin Ross, undeterred by controversial stream, plans renewed collaboration with Playboi Carti

Adin Ross, undeterred by controversial stream, plans renewed collaboration with Playboi Carti

Playboi Carti will return to Adina Ross.
Playboi Carti will return to Adina Ross.
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2:46 AM EST, February 7, 2024

Internet sensation and Kick star Adin Ross surprised the online community when he announced that a recent issue would not affect his collaboration with Playboi Carti. Fans might remember that Adin Ross unleashed a media flurry on February 5, 2024, when he broadcast the news that the American rapper would be appearing on his channel.

Playboi Carti's stream on Adin Ross's channel disappoints fans

However, things did not go smoothly. The artist, Playboi Carti, arrived several hours late and only participated for about 6 minutes in the live broadcast, characterized by its vampire-like semi-darkness setting. The rapper further contributed to the peculiar atmosphere by wearing a mask. Awkwardness intensified when Ross gave Carti a bag of cash that fans estimated to be worth $2 million. The rapper pocketed the money and left the broadcast shortly after that.

In a phone call with 21 Savage, Ross revealed that he did not pay $2 million due to Carti's significant delay. Some sources estimate that the rapper ultimately received around $200,000.

Adin Ross & Playboi Carti FULL STREAM!

Adin Ross schedules another stream with Playboi Carti

In the wake of these strange events, Adin Ross posted a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation with Playboi Carti the following day. The streamer captioned the post: "Broadcast soon. Part two, done the right way for fans... we'll answer all questions". He also clarified that Kick will not be paying the rapper this time.

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