FoodAdding zest to tea with an unexpected ingredient: Could salt be the answer?

Adding zest to tea with an unexpected ingredient: Could salt be the answer?

Forget about sugar and honey! This natural additive will chase away the bitterness from tea.
Forget about sugar and honey! This natural additive will chase away the bitterness from tea.
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10:49 AM EST, February 9, 2024

Ever wondered how you could mix up the taste of your favorite tea? The answer might just surprise you. Despite common perceptions, there's no need to lean on sugar or honey to give our beverages that extra something. Lately, in the world of food experiments, there's increasing chatter about an unusual addition - salt. Sound strange?

Why consider salt in tea?

Chemist Michelle Frencl, author of the book "Steeped: The Chemistry of Tea," suggests that sodium chloride, otherwise known as table salt, can counteract the bitter aftertaste of tea, particularly ones that have steeped for an extended period. Although this proposal might seem peculiar, it has garnered numerous advocates worldwide.

Adding a pinch of salt to tea might initially sound odd, but lots of people vouch for its effectiveness! Salt subtly enhances the tea's flavor, minimizing bitterness, without any additional calories or artificial sweeteners.

While salt may not entirely replace sugar or honey for those partial to them, it could serve as a healthier alternative for those watching their weight or reducing their sugar consumption.

What's the verdict amongst experts and tea connoisseurs?

The idea of adding salt to tea has certainly brewed up a stir in the tea lover's community. The British, with a proud national culture centered around tea, were notably disturbed by this unconventional recommendation. The US Embassy in London even chimed in, fueling the flames of the discussion.

The book's author, taken aback by the response, confessed that she hadn't anticipated such a reaction to her suggestion. Regardless, she continues to urge everyone to try adding salt to their tea, allowing the final judgment on this atypical pairing to fall to individuals.

Despite the ongoing controversy, it might be worth exploring new taste horizons and seeing whether a pinch of salt can truly revolutionize your tea experience. Regardless of whether the experiment is a success or not, this unique suggestion will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

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