LifestyleAdding Nutmeg to Coffee and Dinner Can Curb Appetite and Prevent Thrombosis

Adding Nutmeg to Coffee and Dinner Can Curb Appetite and Prevent Thrombosis

Why should we include nutmeg in our diet?
Why should we include nutmeg in our diet?
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2:41 PM EST, November 17, 2023

Nutmeg, a popular and flavorful spice, offers more than just a unique taste to dishes. Its benefits can also extend to promoting health and wellness.

For centuries, along with enhancing flavor profiles, it's known for having various medicinal properties. Notably, it can curb appetite and prevent thrombosis. Are you aware of the numerous benefits of this spice to your daily diet?

Using Nutmeg in The Kitchen

Nutmeg is a versatile spice with a distinct taste and aroma. It pairs well with both savory dishes and desserts. Whether it's a hearty goulash or delicious chocolate mousse, nutmeg can surely boost their flavors. The ways to incorporate it into your cuisine are virtually endless.

Here are a few ways to incorporate nutmeg into your dishes:

  • Add it to goulash for a distinctive flavor boost.
  • Using nutmeg in the bechamel sauce can elevate its aroma.
  • It can add an aromatic twist to a simple vegetable and rice dish.
  • Adding nutmeg to gingerbread can make a wholesome and flavorful dessert.

Nutmeg's Health Benefits

The nutritional profile of nutmeg is impressive. It's packed with carbohydrates, fats, proteins, fiber, and a variety of vitamins like A, C, and B vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6, and folic acid. Nutmeg also provides essential minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, and zinc. Not to mention, fatty acids, pectins, and other active compounds that make up this remarkable spice.

Beyond its nutritional benefits, nutmeg offers other health benefits. It can aid digestion, help lower cholesterol levels, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It may also support depression treatment and alleviate stress.

Safe Consumption and Precautions

Despite its numerous benefits, one should be careful with nutmeg due to its hallucinogenic compound. It should be consumed moderately, especially by people with nervous system diseases, pregnant women, or those with allergies. This spice might not be suitable for children. A daily dose of approximately 0.018 ounces is recommended.

Nutmeg goes beyond being a delectable spice – it's also a natural remedy. Incorporate it into your meals to enjoy its health benefits but remember to consume in moderation to maintain balance and avoid potential side effects.

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