LifestyleAdd two tablespoons to your boiling potatoes for better results

Add two tablespoons to your boiling potatoes for better results

How to prevent potatoes from falling apart while cooking?
How to prevent potatoes from falling apart while cooking?
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12:56 PM EST, November 5, 2023

For many people, a meal just isn't complete without potatoes. They make a familiar sight on plates next to dishes such as pork chop and salad. Ensuring that this staple doesn't lose its flavor while cooking can enhance your dining experience. Here's a trick to keep your potatoes from falling apart and to boost their taste appeal.

Cooking potatoes might seem straightforward, but this vegetable is known to absorb a significant amount of water, often losing some flavor in the process. Fortunately, you probably have the solution in your kitchen, a humble ingredient that can make quite a difference.

This effortless trick, a cherished tip from our grandparents, would be great in your culinary toolkit for preparations at home.

Improving the taste of boiled potatoes

If you want your potatoes not to absorb too much water and maintain their flavorful profile while not falling apart - you should add two tablespoons of lemon juice to the pot. This not only intensifies their taste but ensures a firm structure. Lemon complements the flavor of potatoes rather than overpowering it, and helps retain a dense texture.

Apart from lemon juice, you can also boost your potato's taste by throwing in a couple of bay leaves into the pot. The fragrance emitted from merely two leaves enhances the experience instantly. Yet, it is best to keep it moderate if you're cooking a smaller serving, say less than 2.2 pounds. For such servings, a single bay leaf should suffice.

Another alternative is to replace lemon juice with a dash of vinegar. Just a small quantity can give your potatoes a sharper and richer taste.

Additionally, consider adding a few cloves of garlic to the pot for an extra flavor layer. Be sure to crush them first for optimal results. Depending on your preference, 2 to 4 cloves typically work best with potatoes. Of course, don't forget to remove the garlic cloves before serving.

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