LifestyleAdd this to the vase at the cemetery. A reliable gardener's trick

Add this to the vase at the cemetery. A reliable gardener's trick

How to extend the durability of flowers at the cemetery?
How to extend the durability of flowers at the cemetery?
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2:43 PM EDT, October 18, 2023

The end of October and the beginning of November are primarily associated with All Souls' Day. What flowers should we choose to honor the memory of loved ones? Is it better to opt for artificial or living ones? We suggest how to extend the durability of cut plants.

The beginning of November is closely related to All Saints' Day, so we will soon be going in large numbers to cemeteries to honor the memory of our loved ones. For this reason, many people decide to prepare the graves of the deceased in mid-October. Cleaning the tombstone, buying new inserts or replacing candles, that's not all. What about the flowers? Is it better to choose live ones or artificial ones?

Which flowers to choose for All Saints' Day?

On All Saints' Day every year, cemeteries are filled with artificial flowers and bouquets. Many people still choose such decorations because of their long-lasting functionality. Plastic flowers do not wilt or rot, so they can also be used next year. They are also a solution for those who live far from the graves of their loved ones.

The downside of such decorations is, however, that they don't look as nice as natural ones. Additionally, they are not the best solution for our environment and negatively affect ecology.

Live flowers on the graves of the deceased

When purchasing a bouquet or bunch of live Chrysanthemums, we must know that sooner or later the plants will wilt and we will need to get rid of them. Many people opt for the purchase of potted flowers. Compared to the cut ones, these can last significantly longer. Eventually, these too will need to be thrown away.

However, there is a certain way to extend the life of a fresh bouquet. It turns out that just one kitchen product works better than specific nutrients from a florist.

A trick that will make flowers on graves last longer

To extend the lifespan of flowers, simply prepare a special mixture. Take sugar, honey, or citric acid with you to the cemetery. These ingredients can also be replaced with lemon juice. Mix the chosen product with the water where the flowers have been placed.

Also remember that regularly changing the water in the vase is key. It's best to do this daily or every few days, which will help keep fresh flowers last longer. If you can't visit the cemetery often, consider adding a copper coin or an aspirin tablet to the vase, which can also help extend the life of the flowers.

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