LifestyleAdd this ingredient to your boiling potatoes for a tasty surprise

Add this ingredient to your boiling potatoes for a tasty surprise

Potatoes - Delicacies
Potatoes - Delicacies
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6:53 AM EST, November 22, 2023

Boiling potatoes can seem straightforward: toss the peeled spuds into water, add salt, and place the pot on the stove. However, there's a twist to this common method that can greatly enhance their flavor. Simply replace the salt with this unique ingredient and experience a delightful taste transformation.

Potatoes are a staple on many tables due to their incredible versatility. The boiled version is prevalent, a recipe passed down from generations, from my great-grandmother to my mother. I, though, decided to alter this traditional method to elicit an even richer potato flavor. This modification not only heightens the taste and the potatoes from darkening. Sometimes the tiniest changes can have the most profound effects.

What's the Secret to Cooking Potatoes?

Typically, after peeling the potatoes, I instinctively added salt to them - a technique I've observed throughout my childhood. But with time, I discovered an even better approach. I first reduced the potato cooking time by cutting them into pieces before putting them into the pot and pouring over boiling water straight from the kettle. This ensures a quicker preparation and prompt serving of my potato dish.

Rather than salt, I pour half a cup of lemon juice or vinegar into the pot. This prevents the potatoes from darkening and disintegrating and imparts a unique aftertaste. This tip could come in handy if you're watching your sodium intake, for instance, due to blood pressure concerns.

Potatoes - Delicacies
Potatoes - Delicacies© Canva | antos777

Spice it Up

Enhancing the flavor of potatoes isn't just about adding salt. I also infuse the boiling water with aromatic spices. My go-to mix includes caraway, pepper, allspice, and bay leaves, resulting in a delicately flavored side dish perfect with stew or roast. You're free to adjust proportions or opt for other spices, as per your preference. Their reputation as fattening and heavy vegetables can be dispelled by preparing potatoes intelligently. They can provide valuable nutrients as long as they're not smothered in fat.

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