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Add just a pinch. Only a few people know this drink, and it's a mistake

Coffee sometimes turns out bitter.
Coffee sometimes turns out bitter.
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1:53 PM EDT, October 24, 2023

Do you want your coffee to be less bitter? You have to add a certain ingredient to it. Thanks to it, you will extract the best aroma and taste from your cup of black coffee. Not many people drink coffee this way, which is a big mistake. In this article, we explain why this is so.

This is the most famous brew in existence. Many people drink it to wake up and provide energy for the rest of the day. Too bitter coffee, however, tastes terrible and ruins the entire morning. We feel like pouring this beverage down the drain or adding large amounts of milk, just so it's drinkable. There are other ways to fix the taste of coffee without adding extra calories. All you have to do is add a bit of a not-so-obvious ingredient and it won't be sugar.

Coffee with this ingredient will not be sour or bitter

If our coffee often turns out bitter or sour, there is a very simple solution. We need to use a product that we all have in the kitchen, which is baking soda. All we have to do is sprinkle a bit of the white powder into the cup and mix it well. In a few moments, we will get rid of the sour or bitter taste that spoils our joy of drinking coffee.

Another ingredient that can help us is... eggshells. Thanks to this, the coffee will taste perfect. How to use them? We have to scald the eggshells at the very beginning, and then put them in a cup before we pour the coffee with water. We wait a moment and we have two options. Either we let the shells sink to the bottom, or we take them out right away.

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Why doesn't coffee always taste good?

Several factors influence this, the most important are:

  • storage method,
  • type of coffee (ground or whole bean - the more ground, the more likely it will be bitter),
  • water hardness,
  • mineral composition in the water - this has a big influence on the chemical reactions that occur during coffee brewing, therefore it may be worth filtering the water before using it to make an espresso,
  • water that is too hot (the correct temperature should be between 185 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit).
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