LifestyleAdd 3 tablespoons to your laundry. Your tablecloths will look as white as snow

Add 3 tablespoons to your laundry. Your tablecloths will look as white as snow

The tablecloth will be like new. Discover the best trick.
The tablecloth will be like new. Discover the best trick.
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11:22 AM EST, December 5, 2023

You won't need expensive chemical products if you learn this time-honored method of whitening an old tablecloth. And what's more - you can use affordable, everyday ingredients for this task. We know three tricks. Try them all and enjoy tablecloths that look brand new for the holidays.

Family celebrations, like Christmas Eve, call for a touch of decorum. A white tablecloth will undoubtedly provide that - but only if it's white. Aged, discolored, or greyed tablecloths might not work as expected. On the contrary, they might be an eyesore, not just for the guests but certainly for the hosts. Don't let this happen, and use one of our three ingenious tricks to whiten tablecloths using home remedies.

DIY Bleach for a Tablecloth that Looks Brand New

When we talk about "home remedies", the first product that usually springs to mind is baking soda. And rightly so. Sodium bicarbonate is essentially a home necessity. It can assist you with various house chores from cleaning burnt pans to eliminating staleness smell from old jars. And, as you might have guessed, it can also bleach our stained tablecloths. Just add a few tablespoons to your laundry and marvel at the results.

Stains and discoloration will disappear from the tablecloth.
Stains and discoloration will disappear from the tablecloth.© Canva | charliepix

In a similar fashion, one more kitchen product can be utilized: lemon. Adding 3 tablespoons of its juice to your laundry can do wonders. Not only will it help remove stains, but it will also leave your tablecloth smelling pleasant. Intriguingly, mixing lemon juice and vinegar creates a disinfectant solution - a method that's handy for cleaning your washing machine's drum.

Last but not least, a tip from the times of our grandmothers is to use sour milk. Hard to believe? Well, it's true! Whitening old tablecloths and clothes with this fermented dairy product was once quite popular, and it remains remarkably effective even today. How so? Just pour some milk into a bowl and soak your discolored tablecloth. After leaving it to soak overnight, remove the cloth and wash it in the washing machine as usual. The outcome is bound to amaze you!

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