EntertainmentActress Shannon Wilcox dies aged 80

Actress Shannon Wilcox dies aged 80

Shannon Wilcox is dead.
Shannon Wilcox is dead.
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3:18 PM EST, November 7, 2023

Sad news has reached us that actress Shannon Wilcox has passed away. Best known for her roles in film and television, she rose to fame with the popular soap opera "Dallas". She died in Los Angeles on September 2, aged 80, however, no further details were provided.

More than two months have elapsed since Wilcox's death, and only now has this news been made public. It was confirmed by her agent, Peter Young.

In an impressive acting career, Wilcox made appearances in over 70 productions. She made her debut in 1977 on the series "Sirota's Court", and was seen in titles such as "Starsky and Hutch", "Hawaii-5-0", "Hart to Hart", "Karate Kid", "Magnum", "Raging Bull", "Matlock", "L.A. Law", "Se7en", "Boston Public", "ER", "The Princess Diaries", "NCIS", and "Grey's Anatomy". Memorable for co-starring with Al Pacino in the film "Frankie and Johnny".

Despite appearing in a wide array of productions, Shannon is perhaps best known for playing Anita in seasons 13 and 14 of the TV series "Dallas". She also garnered an audience with her roles in the films "Runaway Bride" and "Stiletto Dance". In 2009, she ventured into production, becoming executive producer of the movie "Ready or Not".

Off-screen, Shannon married John Williams in 1965, and they divorced 19 years later. In 2005, she started a relationship with actor Alex Rocco from "The Godfather", who sadly passed away in 2015. Her first marriage brought her two children, Kelli Williams, who is also an actress, and Sean Doyle, a director.

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