NewsActor went on a war with terrorists. "This is not a scene from a series, it's true."

Actor went on a war with terrorists. "This is not a scene from a series, it's true."

Idan Amedi joined the military after Hamas's attack on Israel.
Idan Amedi joined the military after Hamas's attack on Israel.
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9:22 AM EDT, October 13, 2023

Idan Amedi, an Israeli stage star and action film actor, ended up in the military after a terrorist attack from Hamas on Israel. He is known worldwide from the series "Fauda", which narrates the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In his case, reality outstripped the scriptwriters' plans, as the actor truly went to fight the terrorists.

You may not recognize the name Idan Amedi, but once you see the actor's face, you'll immediately associate him with the series "Fauda," which became a Netflix hit in Poland. A singer who began his acting career a few years ago, he appeared in the second season of the production. He plays Sagi Tzur, a soldier in an Israeli special unit.

In the series his unit operates in the Gaza Strip and on territories controlled by Hamas, and Sagi and his team fight terror with every means available. Now it turns out that life has overtaken the ideas of the scriptwriters, and Idan Amedi has really gone to war with Hamas. This time as a reservist of the Israeli armed forces (IDF).

He posted a special recording directed to his fans online.

Idan Amedi presented himself in uniform and with a long weapon, informing fans that he has been drafted into the army and that this is not a scene from a movie set. The Israeli army has called up over 300 thousand reservists and is preparing to deal with terrorists who attacked the country and cold-bloodedly murdered hundreds of Jews. Amedi is also among those called up.

This is not a scene from the series "Fauda", this is real life - admitted the actor.

As he admitted, soldiers received great support from the community and he very much appreciated it. He also added that the military is ready for combat and motivated to protect the families, children, and homes of the Israelis. Part of the forces was directed to the north of the country, to be ready for a possible attack from groups in Lebanon. The rest surround the Gaza Strip and are preparing for an invasion.

35-year-old Idan Amedi couldn't disclose where he would be serving and what his mission was. But rest assured, the commanders will not go easy on him, as he is a soldier like any other Israeli. Interestingly, Lior Raz, the star of "Fauda" and its co-writer, also has a lot in common with the military. He was once a commando of Unit 217, also known as Duvdevan.

The series' fans rubbed their eyes in amazement, seeing what's been happening in Israel since Saturday. The turn of events eerily resembled "Fauda," especially its latest season (number 4), in which Palestinians are trying to produce rockets to use against Israel in the future. Clearly, the plot was not far fetched.

Hamas attacked Israel, hundreds of innocent people are dead

The toll of the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel is staggering. 1200 people have perished, of which only 241 were soldiers of the Israeli armed forces (IDF), the rest were innocent civilians. The brutality of the attackers is beyond all imagination. Other hundreds of people perished on the Palestinian side, as the Jews did not leave the attack unanswered.

And as the authorities promised, the revenge will be unprecedented. The military has increased its strength to over half a million soldiers in just a few days, heavy equipment has been brought in and a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip is being prepared. The area is being constantly bombed, and special forces are working on the elimination of Hamas leaders at many levels.

Hundreds of innocent people are still dying on both sides of the barricades. However, the hatred is burning, and there seems to be no end to the conflict at the moment. Palestine wants freedom, Israel wants revenge for the innocent blood spilled. On Saturday, as many Israelis died as during World War II. The nation hasn't experienced such a tragedy since the Holocaust.

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