LifestyleAbby Hensel marries, twins share a life

Abby Hensel marries, twins share a life

Siamese twins teach at school.
Siamese twins teach at school.
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11:54 AM EDT, April 3, 2024

Abby and Brittany Hensel, among the most recognized conjoined twins globally, recently shared exciting news: one of them has gotten married. What does a typical day in their lives entail? It's certainly filled with unique situations.

At 34, Abby and Brittany strive to lead as normal a life as possible. They have distinct hearts, lungs, brains, and stomachs and emphasize that they also possess distinct souls. Nevertheless, they share a common circulatory system, limbs, and, intriguingly, a salary. The sisters, who have separate teaching diplomas, work together at a school, receiving a single paycheck for their collective efforts.

The world's most renowned conjoined twins

The Hensel sisters have managed to maintain their individuality, even in their academic pursuits, by using a book to separate themselves during exams. Despite having separate degrees, they earn a unified salary. They teach fifth grade in a Minnesota school, combining their efforts to provide a unique educational experience.

"We understood this arrangement from the start since we perform the role of one individual. However, as we gain experience, we hope to negotiate, considering our dual degrees and ability to offer various perspectives or teach in uniquely different ways," Abby shared with the BBC.

Brittany pointed out the advantage of their two-person team approach, allowing them to teach, address queries, and observe classroom activities simultaneously closely. "In this regard, we accomplish more than one individual could," she noted. The sisters earned their education degrees from Bethel University in 2012.

A dual existence

The logistical challenges for the conjoined twins extend beyond salary. On airplanes, they occupy a single seat despite holding two separate passports. Although they share one body, they took their driving tests separately, a unique arrangement where Abby controls the right side and Brittany the left.

The twins' marital status adds another layer of interest. Abby has married Josh Bowling, a nurse and American army veteran.

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