EntertainmentAaron Carter overdose: two-year-old son and fiancée seek compensation

Aaron Carter overdose: two‑year-old son and fiancée seek compensation

Singer and producer Aaron Carter
Singer and producer Aaron Carter
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7:17 AM EDT, October 29, 2023

Aaron Carter was found dead in his apartment in November 2022. The investigations concluded that the cause was an overdose of a mixture of compressed gas and Xanax, resulting in sudden cardiac arrest and subsequent drowning in his bathtub. Melanie Martin, Carter's former fiancée, has since filed a lawsuit on behalf of their son against the medical practitioners involved.

Aaron Carter, the younger brother of Nick Carter from Backstreet Boys, passed away on November 5th, 2022, at his home in Lancaster, California. The 34-year-old was found dead in his bathtub. In recent years, he battled issues with the law, mental health disorders, and drug addiction.

The New York Post obtained the coroner's report, which indicated that prior to his death, the rapper inhaled a compressed gas (difluoromethane) and consumed Xanax (alprazolam) — substances that caused a sudden cardiac arrest, leading to his drowning. However, there are still contentious views surrounding the circumstances of Aaron Carter's death.

Carter's mother, Jane, and his ex-fiancée Melanie Martin, have continually challenged the coroner's conclusions. Jane Carter maintains that her son was neither a suicide victim nor died accidentally from an overdose.

"Given my son's mental health disorder and his issues with prescription medication, the police wrapped things up much too quickly and easily," Jane Carter posits.

Following the singer's death, Melanie Martin initially insinuated a potential murder. However, her focus has now shifted to the doctors involved. Almost a year after the unfortunate incident, she filed a lawsuit against the doctors and pharmacists on behalf of their son, Princeton Lyric Carter.

According to TMZ.com, court documents allege that these medical professionals contributed to Carter's death by prescribing and dispensing drugs that adversely impacted his physical and mental health. Melanie Martin is seeking unspecified compensation on behalf of her nearly two-year-old son.

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