EntertainmentA woman dies at his concert. Robbie Williams speaks out

A woman dies at his concert. Robbie Williams speaks out

Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams
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12:06 PM EST, November 24, 2023

A 70-year-old woman unfortunately fell and lost her life during a Robbie Williams concert in Sydney when trying to climb over chairs toward the exit. Days after the incident, the musician decided to honor the deceased fan. He dedicated one of his most famous songs to her in his subsequent performance.

Robbie Williams paid tribute to a fan who died at his Sydney, Australia concert. Robyn Hall, aged over 70, tragically fell while she was climbing over chairs.

Robbie Williams Honours a Fan

Robbie Williams paid tribute to the fan during a concert in Melbourne on the 22nd of November. He expressed his sorrow on stage, sharing that his "heart was broken" when he learned about the tragic news.

This week I received a tragic message about a fan who died from an accident at the concert in Sydney [...] When something like this happens, my heart breaks. I pondered this a lot and throughout today's performance. I just want to express my deepest thanks and send much love from me and my team to Robyn and her family - said Robbie Williams.

The artist told the audience that Robyn warranted recognition and a "significant song". He selected one of his most well-known songs - "Angels" for her. The audience was visibly moved and sang along with him.

Fan Dies After Falling at Concert

The tragic event occurred on November 16th at Sydney's Allianz Stadium. After the concert ended and fans began to leave, unfortunately, Robyn, a woman in her early seventies, fell.

According to the BBC, Robyn sought to avoid the crowd and attempted to take a shortcut by walking over a row of chairs. Regrettably, she lost her balance and landed on her face. Medical aid was immediately summoned to the scene where they administered first aid and transported her to the hospital.

Despite all medical efforts, it was not possible to save her life. She tragically passed away on November 20th. Until now, Robbie Williams hadn't made any comments regarding the incident.

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