LifestyleA white coating on the chocolate? The confectioner explains whether there is anything to fear

A white coating on the chocolate? The confectioner explains whether there is anything to fear

What is the white coating covering the chocolate?
What is the white coating covering the chocolate?
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11:24 AM EDT, October 6, 2023

Are you wondering about the white coating on chocolate that you've been keeping in your kitchen cabinet for a while now? Is it safe to consume such a product? Doubts are dispelled by Adam Turoni, a baker and chocolate producer with many years of experience.

Adam Turoni, a confectioner and chocolate producer at "Chocolat by Adam Turoni," explained how chocolate is made. In a conversation with, he shared that chocolate production entails a tempering process. As a result, the chocolate is heated and cooled to achieve the right hardness and shine. Chocolate that has undergone this process should not have any streaks or spots. What if, upon unwrapping the silver foil, we see a waxy, white coating? In such a case, we are most likely dealing with so-called chocolate bloom.

What is the white coating on chocolate? What does its "blooming" mean?

The white coating on chocolate is called "chocolate bloom". It can be divided into two categories: fat and sugar. How do they differ? Fat bloom on chocolate is caused by temperature changes or improper storage of chocolate. High temperatures cause the fat in chocolate to melt. When the temperature drops, the fat turns into a white coating.

Sugar blooming of chocolate is associated with changes in humidity. High humidity causes the sugar crystals to dissolve, leading to the formation of a white coating on the surface of the chocolate. This can occur when the chocolate is cooled down.

Adam Turoni points out that distinguishing (only based on appearance), with what type of bloom we are dealing with, can be difficult. However, you can conduct a simple test. If the bloom on the chocolate is smooth, we are probably dealing with a fat bloom. If, on the other hand, the bloom is rough, it is most likely a sugar bloom. Either way, the white bloom is not dangerous and you can eat the chocolate covered with it without any worries.

Chocolate is a product with high durability.
Chocolate is a product with high durability.© Pixabay

How to store chocolate to avoid blooming?

Adam Turoni believes that storing chocolate in a refrigerator or freezer is not a good idea because humidity can damage the structure of the chocolate. It is best to store chocolate at room temperature, away from strong light, hot air, high humidity, and strong smells that can affect its taste.

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