LifestyleA wedding video went viral. The father of the bride caught the viewers' attention

A wedding video went viral. The father of the bride caught the viewers' attention

For the father of the bride, the situation was not easy.
For the father of the bride, the situation was not easy.
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4:21 PM EST, November 22, 2023

We often share snapshots of significant moments in our lives on social media. Whether for remembrance's sake or to offer distant acquaintances a glimpse into our joyous moments, these posts are commonplace. Kait Marsh did exactly this, publishing photos and videos from her wedding. However, one video, in particular, raised eyebrows and sparked criticisms from the online community.

What Stirred the Controversy?

As an influencer, Kait Marsh and her partner habitually post photos and videos that depict an active, healthful lifestyle.

However, the reception was a different story. Among videos and images from the wedding preparation, was a particularly striking video of the groom removing the bride's garter with his teeth. This act was deemed inappropriate by many online viewers.

The video reveals not only the couple in the spotlight but also the bride's visibly uncomfortable father. The man seemed to avert his gaze in evident disgust.

"He may be my supporter, but after all, he's still my father. As he couldn't bear to watch, my mom took over the recording," the newly-wed bride shared on Instagram.

The bride and groom's actions during the wedding sparked mixed reactions among social media users.

"God, this is hilarious. Such a perfect couple."
"I'd never allow for such a thing."
"If my husband doesn't do this at our wedding, I don't want him."
"Her dad looks 35! Good genes."
"I would be mortified knowing my parents were watching" - are just some of the comments.

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In light of the diverse responses, the bride, and bridegroom felt compelled to clarify the situation.

"In America, the bride throws the bouquet and the groom throws the garter. The gag is, he removes the garter with his teeth, above my knee, as a bit of fun. The guests vie to catch these items for luck! My dad did the same at his wedding! It's all wholesome fun. Isn’t it fascinating how people do things differently?" - Kait explained.
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