LifestyleA video from Australia has gone viral. "I can't unsee this."

A video from Australia has gone viral. "I can't unsee this."

A kangaroo attacked a man.
A kangaroo attacked a man.
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11:27 AM EDT, October 17, 2023

An amazing video has made the rounds on social media worldwide. It shows the disturbing behavior of a kangaroo, who first grabbed a dog and then attacked the dog's owner. Everything can be seen in the recording.

A video has made rounds on the internet documenting how a man saved his dog from the claws of a frighteningly looking kangaroo. Some comment that it's a sight like from a horror movie.

Kangaroo attack in Australia

A serious incident took place in Australia, near the city of Mildura in the state of Victoria. Mick Moloney while walking along the Murray River suddenly noticed that one of his dogs had disappeared. After a while, he discovered a surprising thing.

- I saw a kangaroo in the river. It stood upright on its hind legs, with its forelegs in the water, just looking at me - he explained in a conversation with "Sunrise". - Then Hutchy surfaced, struggling to breathe, with water pouring out of his mouth and crying out in terror. The kangaroo was holding him! - he described.

Mick Moloney, who is a retired policeman, immediately sprang into action. He tried to scare the animal from the shore, but the kangaroo didn't flinch.

- I thought: "Are you joking with me?" - admitted Mick. He pulled out his phone and recorded the moment he went into the water to save his dog.

- Let go of my dog! - he yelled, as heard on the recording, then he lunged at the kangaroo, which didn't owe him anything. The scuffle makes the video blurry, but eventually, you can see that Hutchy was saved.

Kangaroo gets hold of dog in Murray River | 7 News Australia

Mick splashed the kangaroo, then ran away laughing. - I have a few scratches. My forearm was terribly sore for most of the day. It was a good punch - the former policeman admitted in an interview with 7News.

Internet users are impressed. "Kangaroos scare me. This one looks like a bodybuilder with a deer's head. I can't unsee this" - wrote one of them.

Kangaroos are herbivores, but that doesn't mean they can't attack. When they defend themselves, they can be dangerous. Ecologist Graeme Coulson from the University of Melbourne admitted that a large individual can easily drown a dog. They have strong arms and large claws.

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