AutosA trivial way to defog windows. Drivers confirm that it works

A trivial way to defog windows. Drivers confirm that it works

Steamed up windows - illustrative photo
Steamed up windows - illustrative photo
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5:05 PM EDT, October 18, 2023

Autumn has arrived, and with it, the cold and dampness. These are conditions conducive to the formation of fog on car windows. Many drivers struggle ineffectively with this bothersome problem, while the solution is usually very simple.

Foggy windows are a nightmare for many drivers during the fall and winter seasons. They negatively affect not only the comfort of using the vehicle but also safety, as they significantly worsen visibility.

Some people try to fight with the steam, carrying a sponge or cloth to wipe the windows, but this way they only mitigate the effects without eliminating the cause of the problem. And the cause is usually quite trivial.

Dirt and moisture

It's worth starting the fight against foggy windows by cleaning the interior and washing the vehicle's windows. Sand and dust accumulated in the cabin absorb moisture, which then escapes in the form of steam. This, in turn, is more likely to settle on dirty windows. So it is worth cleaning the interior of the vehicle regularly - a vacuum cleaner, window cleaner, and paper towels in many cases are enough to get rid of the problem.

Air conditioning throughout the entire year

Many drivers believe that using air conditioning at lower temperatures makes no sense. However, not everyone knows that its task is not only to cool the interior but also to dry it. Turning on the air conditioning is one of the quickest ways to defog windows. Of course, assuming that the system works properly, and the cabin filter is not excessively worn.

Home remedies for fogged up windows

Some cars fog up more than others. It's a matter of ventilation system efficiency, vehicle construction, or individual issues with a specific model. We should always look for the cause. However, it is also worth knowing how to minimize the effects.

Simple, homemade methods, such as cat litter, bags of rice, or paper newspapers, can prove to be a salvation. All these materials have a high ability to absorb moisture. Just place them in your car to minimize the problem of foggy windows, and even get rid of it completely.

However, it is worth remembering that cat litter or rice wrapped in a fabric bag, similar to newspapers placed under mats, require regular replacement. If they get too soaked, they may indeed deliver the opposite effect to that intended.

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