NewsA tourist's fatal fall is captured at Indonesia's Ijen Volcano

A tourist's fatal fall is captured at Indonesia's Ijen Volcano

A tourist fell into a crater in the Ijen volcano complex in Indonesia.
A tourist fell into a crater in the Ijen volcano complex in Indonesia.
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5:07 PM EDT, April 24, 2024

A tourist from China met a tragic fate after falling into the crater of Indonesia's Ijen volcano. Huang Lihong, a 31-year-old, was touring East Java province with her husband, Zhang Yong, and a guide. Despite warnings, the couple ventured too close to the crater's edge, leading to Huang's unfortunate accident.
Local police reported that Huang fell from a height of 246 feet and died instantly. "The incident was declared an unfortunate accident," service representatives told The Independent. Initially, the woman had kept a safe distance while taking photos, as per the guide's statement.

The guide had cautioned the couple about the dangers of approaching the crater. Huang was walking backward, aiming to get close to a tree near the edge, when she reportedly tripped over her long, flowing clothing and tumbled into the abyss, which was over 229 feet deep.

Huang had no chance of survival. It took emergency services more than two hours to recover her body. Reports suggest that her distraught husband, who witnessed the tragedy, was hospitalized.
The fatal incident occurred on Saturday, April 20. A photo, supposedly the last of Huang taken just before her fall, has emerged online.
This incident at Ijen volcano isn't isolated. The volcano, known for its unique "blue fire"—a phenomenon resulting from the combustion of sulfuric gases—attracts numerous tourists.

Earlier this year, in February, a 53-year-old tourist from Poland was found dead on a climbing route to Kawah Ijen. Additionally, in September 2015, a 68-year-old Swiss climber succumbed to breathing difficulties and fell while ascending Ijen; his life could not be saved.

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