LifestyleA tennis ball in the luggage is a necessity. Check why

A tennis ball in the luggage is a necessity. Check why

Pack the tennis ball into the luggage.
Pack the tennis ball into the luggage.
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2:02 PM EDT, September 27, 2023, updated: 9:19 AM EDT, October 5, 2023

Are you facing a long plane flight, a multi-hour train journey, or being a car passenger on a route spanning hundreds of kilometers? Take a tennis ball in your bag. Why? The answer may surprise you.

How to pack well for a trip? Of course, the basics are drinks and snacks. It's worth taking a book or music player. What is a tennis ball doing on the list of things worth packing? It is an item that can bring relief in the toughest moments.

Turn the tennis ball into a massager

Many people are terrified at the prospect of spending several hours in one position. This is especially difficult on an airplane, where there's no chance for extra stops. Bound to one sitting place, we often numb and suffer from muscle pain. This is when a tennis ball can save us. With its help, we can perform a massage without disturbing fellow passengers.

A tennis ball will help in many situations

A tennis ball can be used to perform an effective massage. It can help with pain in many parts of the body, starting from the neck, through the back, wrists, thighs, calves, and feet. How to do it? Simply roll it over areas where you feel pain. By pressing the ball into the muscles, we stimulate circulation and reduce the feeling of numbness.

To massage your wrists, all you need to do is the simple task of moving a ball between your hands. To massage your legs, you need to use a bit of force, press the ball and roll it on your thighs and calves. While massaging your feet, it is enough to roll it, kneading the soles. If you want to massage your back, lean on it and swing back and forth.

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