NewsA Spanish woman's trust in a stranger ends with her chained up

A Spanish woman's trust in a stranger ends with her chained up

She accepted help from a stranger. She went through hell.
She accepted help from a stranger. She went through hell.
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6:48 PM EST, November 25, 2023

There's an age-old wisdom that cautions against trusting strangers. A Spanish woman recently discovered how disastrous it can be to assume that everyone has good intentions.

Many may believe such terrifying tales occur only in movies. The reality, however, is quite different and starkly horrifying. What began as an offered ride from a stranger in a small Spanish town ended in unimaginable terror for a local woman.

In Miranda de Ebro, a provincial town in Burgos, the population is a mere 38,000. Among them was a woman who, just a week ago, was occupying her time at a local hospital caring for a sick friend. Ready to leave, she was approached by a stranger who offered her a ride to the city center, an offer she graciously accepted.

Abduction masquerading as an innocuous car ride

The seemingly harmless drive quickly took a sinister turn when the man claimed he needed to make a quick stop at his house. Assuring her it would only be a moment, he persuaded the woman to accompany him inside.

However, stepping through his apartment door, she walked into her worst nightmare. The man attacked her so violently that she lost consciousness, and when she awoke, she found herself fettered by a metal chain. The ensuing hours were filled with further physical and verbal abuse from the man.

Eventually, the man left the apartment. Seeing her chance, the woman escaped and sought help from her neighbors. Shortly afterward, she was back in the hospital and the police were involved.

The police quickly located the suspect. He was charged with kidnapping, assault, and torture. Despite the gravity of these crimes, he was not immediately arrested. Public opinion was rocked by the court's decision, particularly given the man's past criminal record. In 2015, he was convicted and sentenced to six years for kidnapping and raping a minor.

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