EntertainmentA social media influencer's death saddens his global fans. "We’re going to miss you, The Big Callejas"

A social media influencer's death saddens his global fans. "We’re going to miss you, The Big Callejas"

Death of a young YouTuber
Death of a young YouTuber
Images source: © Instagram | callejas503.sv

5:11 PM EDT, June 15, 2024

Edgar Landaverde, known online as Callejas 503, passed away at the age of 37. The plus-size influencer from El Salvador became famous for recording food reviews.

Relatives of Edgar Landaverde announced the tragedy in a post on Instagram.

"It is a painful truth for the family, but we are making it public to all media: our beloved Callejas 503 has left this world" read the statement.

"We thank each one of you for the love and support you have shown him," wrote the deceased YouTuber's relatives. Although the family did not disclose the cause of death, internet users speculate that the food blogger might have had a heart attack.

Callejas 503 has passed away

The news of the YouTuber's death shocked his fans worldwide. "We’re going to miss you, The Big Callejas," "Your last ride through the streets in your Toyota or on your motorcycle, you always brought us joy on sad days," "It breaks my heart that I won’t be able to see you on YouTube any more like I used to," "You are already resting king." These are just some of the comments from devastated internet users.

Callejas 503 had over 80,000 fans on Instagram, 130,000 on TikTok, and over 180,000 on YouTube. He gained fame through vlogs in which he reviewed dining establishments and shared funny moments from everyday life.

The death of a popular YouTuber from El Salvador

In one of his videos, Edgar lamented that influencers in El Salvador are not appreciated.

"I really appreciate it when brands or people value my work because here in my country, El Salvador, brands don’t support content creators," he stated in a vlog.

Landaverde's funeral has already taken place. The service was broadcast live so that fans of the influencer from around the world could participate.

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