NewsA shocking plan of Russia has been revealed. An attack from space?

A shocking plan of Russia has been revealed. An attack from space?

Former Roscosmos chief Dmitrij Rogozin
Former Roscosmos chief Dmitrij Rogozin
Images source: © Getty Images | Mikhail Svetlov

11:42 AM EDT, October 25, 2023

Leaks have emerged from truly mad conversations between important figures in the Russian space sector. Rockets used for orbital missions were to be adapted for military functions and used as a tool in the fight against Ukraine.

It's been just 20 months since Russia started its invasion of Ukraine. There is still little indication that the war could end anytime soon, although it now seems the aggressor is in a worse situation. Therefore, it's no surprise that the Russians are looking for new ways to tip the scales of victory in their favor.

Some of the Russian military's ideas to defeat Ukraine are unconventional. Others are pure madness. The German newspaper "Bild" has come across materials that suggest the Kremlin's despair.

The subjects of the recordings that the journalists obtained are Dmitrij Rogozin, the former head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos and a loyal supporter of Vladimir Putin, as well as Dmitrij Baranov, the head of the State Rocket and Space Center CSKB-Progress. According to "Bild" information, the aforementioned recordings supposedly come from January 2023, long after the invasion of Ukraine began.

Progress is responsible for the production of launch rockets, which are then used in spacecraft launched into orbit. As a result of the conversations between Baranov and Rogozin, these very rockets were to be modified in such a way that they could carry explosive materials. They would then be used for a "mega-attack" on Ukraine.

The Soyuz rocket was supposed to not reach orbit, but rather be directed towards a "big city in Ukraine" - probably referring to Kyiv.

Baranow and the former head of Roscosmos discussed, among other things, the amount of explosives that can be transported and the launch area. According to Baranow, a 164-foot launch pad could be directed "in any direction or almost any direction" by changing course eight to 22 seconds after launch. However, the problem could be the temperatures during re-entry into the atmosphere, which could lead to premature detonation of bombs.

As reported by "Bild", it is unknown how Vladimir Putin reacted to the idea of such use of rockets, nor whether this project is still realistically considered. However, it is known that it has been presented to the President of Russia.

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