NewsA Russian soldier reacts to drone overhead with surprising action

A Russian soldier reacts to drone overhead with surprising action

"Surprising reaction of a Russian soldier to the sight of a Ukrainian Armed Forces drone"
"Surprising reaction of a Russian soldier to the sight of a Ukrainian Armed Forces drone"
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11:52 AM EST, December 8, 2023

A Russian soldier on the front line saw a Ukrainian drone hovering above him. These drones are known for dropping grenades onto the heads of the enemy and then vanishing into the blue yonder. The Russian soldier, serving under President Vladimir Putin, was well aware of the threat and began to panic. You won't believe his reaction or what he did. After all, he could have stayed at home...

To the surprise of the Ukrainian Armed Forces drone operators, the Russian soldier spotted them from his trench situated on the front line. The use of unmanned aerial vehicles has become common in modern warfare. Both parties in the conflict utilize them for surprise assaults on enemy forces and equipment. This situation was no different.

Instantly recognizing the impending danger from the overhead drone, the Russian soldier was well aware of the impending "surprise." A mortar grenade, or some other explosive charge, could quickly end the soldier's ability to wage war. Drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces (ZSU) have inflicted countless casualties. The Russian soldier reacted with pure panic.

He started hastily saying his goodbyes, pleading for mercy from the attacking Ukrainians.

The soldier's reaction took the drone operators by surprise, but the fate of the Russian soldier remains uncertain. Some reports suggest that he was taken prisoner and the drone guided him into an area controlled by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Others posit that the assault occurred near Russian lines and that survival was unlikely for the soldier.

"You could have simply stayed at home," the Ukrainians commented on their adversary's behavior.

However, it is widely understood that many had no choice but to serve, being forced to the front lines. This is the grim reality for thousands of young men in Vladimir Putin's country - often poorly educated, jobless, and without prospects for a better future. The military dangles the promise of high earnings, as much as 2000 dollars a month.

Unfortunately, these are often just empty promises, and the recruits seldom see such money.

As the war drags on, with the front lines claiming over 336,000 Russian soldiers, reinforcements are needed. Thus, Russia makes call-ups involving criminals, economic immigrants (who would otherwise be deported), alcoholics, drug addicts, and even the homeless. For Vladimir Putin and his government, from where these so-called "cannon fodder" come matters little.

The primary concern is sufficient numbers to conduct its offensives.

Vladimir Putin ensures the draft doesn't affect the youth of larger cities, as he relies on their votes in the forthcoming presidential elections in March. The burning question remains, what happens after Putin's anticipated reelection? Most likely, a nationwide military mobilization will commence with no exemptions. The president has already decreed a significant army expansion, and the implications are clear.

Russia is steadfast in her resolve not to lose the war in Ukraine, gearing up for several more years of conflict.

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