NewsA Russian soldier believed he was doomed. His response to a simple act of kindness is surprising

A Russian soldier believed he was doomed. His response to a simple act of kindness is surprising

The Russian soldier was moved when he received a bottle of water from Ukrainians.
The Russian soldier was moved when he received a bottle of water from Ukrainians.
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7:42 AM EST, December 12, 2023

A Russian soldier, held captive by Ukrainians, was convinced he was destined for death. However, when he was treated humanely, he began discussing the terrible conditions in Vladimir Putin's army and was tremendously moved by a simple gesture - being given a bottle of water by the Ukrainians.

The Russian soldier ended up in the captivity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This is a routine occurrence, as captives are frequently taken on both sides. However, the treatment of these prisoners varies greatly between the Ukrainians and Russians. Ukrainians treat their captives impartially, keeping them in POW camps and respecting their rights, while Russians often do the opposite.

The soldier from Russia was shocked by the conditions of his captivity under the Ukrainians. He was sure that he would be executed, and that the Ukrainians were cruelly toying with him. Tense and fearful, he awaited what he believed was inevitable. When he was offered a bottle of water, his reaction was remarkably touching.

He openly displayed his surprise and happiness. At one point, he even started to laugh.

He could hardly believe the Ukrainians had no intentions of harming him and that his treatment was far better than what he received from his Russian comrades and the commanders of Vladimir Putin's army. The Ukrainian soldiers assured him he was safe and that "everything would be fine." Once he realized they were not lying and had no plans to kill him, he began to open up.

Conversations about the conditions in the Russian army began. "I hope you won't kill me," he continued to reassure himself. "Nothing is threatening you here; you will live," responded the Ukrainian soldiers, easing his fears. His deep breath in response to these words speaks volumes.

"There's no regard for soldiers' lives in our army. We're not given any respect. Our leader threatened to kill us if we didn't attack. He repeated this to all of us," the Russian detainee reveals.

Russian commanders disregard their soldiers' well-being, and the army often fails to provide essential equipment. The Russian captive confessed that he was required to purchase his helmet. While he was issued a uniform and patches featuring the letter 'Z', he wasn't given a protective helmet.

The equipment is lacking, the soldiers are demoralized and under-trained. Their commanders send them into combat blindly, convinced that such 'cannon fodder' tactics will achieve victory on the battlefield - a notion alarmingly reminiscent of World War II.

The Russian army consists of dozens or even hundreds of such 'volunteers'. Poverty-stricken and hopelessly attempting to earn money. Promises of a monthly salary of around 195,000 rubles (approximately 2,613 dollars), various gifts and a chance at a better future lure them. However, this all quickly reveals itself to be a lie, as the army shows little concern for its personnel, both on the front line and back home.

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