NewsA rescue team was sent to free workers trapped in a Himalayan tunnel

A rescue team was sent to free workers trapped in a Himalayan tunnel

Rescuers are trying to extract 40 Indian road workers from a collapsed tunnel.
Rescuers are trying to extract 40 Indian road workers from a collapsed tunnel.
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3:41 PM EST, November 13, 2023

Dynamic rescue operations are currently taking place in a mountain pass in Northern India to liberate 40 road workers trapped in a collapsed tunnel. The disaster unfolded on Sunday during ongoing construction works.

A team of 40 workers were laboring in a tunnel along the Himalayan highway in the city of Uttarkashi when the hallway leading to the entrance caved in. The situation is increasingly urgent as the trapped workers have limited access to oxygen and water, and can't extricate themselves from the debris.

"We are in contact with those inside. Everyone is okay, and we're maintaining constant communication. We are all putting in our best efforts to get everyone out safely," shared Uttarkashi's Superintendent of Police, Arpan Yaduvanshi, in an interview with CNN on Monday.

Rescue Team Rallies to Free Workers Trapped in a Himalayan Tunnel

Yaduvanshi also mentioned the presence of a machine on site designed to remove debris from the tunnel. The rescue operation involves disaster response teams, medical personnel, and the police force. The first responders anticipate the rescue will take several hours or even a day to finalize.

The tunnel is an integral part of the Char Dham highway project, a major initiative led by India's Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. The multimillion-dollar venture is intended to enhance connectivity in the state of Uttarakhand and facilitate better access to significant pilgrimage sites.

Situated on the boundary between India and China, Uttarakhand is a hilly state. Owing to its rich cultural heritage and numerous Hindu religious sites, the region often goes by the name "Devbhumi" or "Land of the Gods." The proposed road will stretch over 621 miles.

Rapid development in India has invariably led to unfortunate incidents like these. Burgeoning investments in infrastructure like roads, bridges, and overpasses are often coupled with rushed construction works and sometimes fall short of adequate safety protocols.

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