EntertainmentA punch to remember: Ilia Topuria's fan interaction goes viral

A punch to remember: Ilia Topuria's fan interaction goes viral

In the picture Ilia Topuria.
In the picture Ilia Topuria.
Images source: © Licensor | Ilia Topuria

7:06 AM EST, November 28, 2023

Fan adoration can take unique forms. This is something UFC fighter Ilia Topuria discovered when a fan asked him to demonstrate the power of his punch. The fan's reaction made it clear that Topuria took the request seriously.

Ilia Topuria is an emerging talent in UFC. Known as "El Matador", he has claimed victories in all 14 professional matches of his career. In an upcoming event, Topuria is set to compete for the UFC featherweight title against renowned fighter Alex Volkanovski.

Topuria's remarkable performances in the UFC Octagon have garnered substantial attention. Currently, over 1.7 million people follow his journey on Instagram. Some fans, it seems, go to unusual lengths to show their support for the MMA fighter.

A video has been widely circulated online showing Topuria interacting with a young fan. The youngster asked the 26-year-old UFC fighter to punch him in the stomach, wishing to experience the potency of his punch firsthand.

The young fan immediately regretted his request. In the brief video clip, Topuria can be seen smiling gently as he braces to deliver the punch. Moments later, the fan grabs his stomach, kneels, and then falls onto his back. The voices of astonished onlookers provide a soundtrack to the surprising event.

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The substantial height difference between Topuria and the young fan is noteworthy. The UFC fighter is significantly shorter than the fan, who is also notably lighter. Despite this disparity, Topuria's powerful punch left a lasting impression on the boy, who will probably consider his words more carefully before making such a request of other professional MMA fighters in future.

So far, Ilia Topuria has competed in six UFC matches, winning four of them prematurely. In his most recent match, he confidently triumphed over Josh Emmett. The rising star is set to compete for the featherweight title at the UFC 298 event, scheduled for February 17 in California.

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