NewsA photo of Messi set the internet on fire. Look closely

A photo of Messi set the internet on fire. Look closely

The photo features Leo Messi. In the frame is the Argentine's Friday instastories.
The photo features Leo Messi. In the frame is the Argentine's Friday instastories.
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6:23 AM EDT, October 7, 2023

Leo Messi's social media profiles are eagerly followed by hundreds of millions of fans. The same was true for the report added on Friday. The picture posted by Messi sparked a flurry of speculation. Additionally, it was fueled by the Catalan "Sport", which provided information about the star's return to FC Barcelona.

On Friday afternoon, Leo Messi shared a photo that certainly sparked the imagination of many fans of a certain Spanish club. The Argentine posted a picture of his legs on his Instagram. He most likely wanted to showcase his new shoes this way, but fans of soccer conspiracy theories are looking for a deeper meaning in it.

The framing of the photo clearly shows the tattoo adorning Messi's calf. This one is very expressive, as it represents the crest of FC Barcelona and the number 10, with which the brilliant Argentine played for years at the "Pride of Catalonia".

Leo Messi's Instastories
Leo Messi's Instastories© Licensor | Instagram Lionel Messi

Whole books can be written about Messi's attachment to FC Barcelona. The Argentine spent 16 years at this club, winning countless trophies and breaking all possible records available for an offensive player. When he left for PSG in July 2021 (the transfer was linked to the dire financial situation of Barcelona, which could not keep their star), he shed tears at a press conference. And with him, all of Barcelona cried.

Despite the fact that Messi's and Barcelona's paths have diverged, the Argentine has never stopped carrying the club from the capital of Catalonia in his heart. During his stay at PSG, a tattoo appeared on his leg, which was so prominently featured in Friday's photo. For many Barcelona fans, this is a clear message - Messi is hereby expressing his desire to return home.

Fuel to the fire for these speculations is added by the fact that a rumor has appeared in the Spanish media suggesting that Messi's return to Camp Nou is likely. The Catalan "Sport" reports that the brilliant Argentinean could again don the Barcelona jersey as early as January 2024. The condition is one - Inter Miami, for whom Messi currently plays, cannot qualify for the MLS playoffs.

In the event that the club from Miami does not secure a promotion, its soccer players face a two-month break from league matches. Barcelona is said to be planning to take advantage of this, allegedly already planning a short-term loan of Messi.

Inter Miami's lack of advancement to the playoffs is very likely. Messi's club, three games before the end of the regular season, is 5 points behind the position rewarded with advancement.

No official confirmation of the "Sport" reports has come from either Barcelona or Messi's camp. However, many fans are hopeful that the seemingly unlikely scenario will come to fruition, and one of the best soccer players in history will soon return to his beloved club.

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